Wednesday, 17 August, 2011

Sessions Called: Monday August 15

Thank you FringeNYC for allowing us to hold space at FringeCENTRAL! Our goal for the evening was to have a great conversation, and that we did.

The following sessions were called at our meeting in August. Feel free to comment and continue the conversation even if you do not see a report posted. (When it's not over, it's not over!) As reports come in we'll link it to the list below:
  • "My" Show at FringeNYC! Pass your postcards!
  • Artists Take Political Action!
  • Workshops for Writing? How do you Start?
  • Not Having Bad Indie Theatre Tech!
  • How to Talk to Designers
  • How do you publicize or bring awareness about an indie theatre production?
  • How do you generate sustainable funding to keep an Indie Theatre open?
  • Indie Theater in Italy? Any leads?
  • Dealing with day jobs, how do you balance?
If you have a report to supply for one of these sessions, please forward that to us at .

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