Monday, 22 March, 2010

join MIND THE GAP for World Theatre Day on 3/27

Saturday, March 27th is World Theatre Day and Mind The Gap Theatre is having a party. Drink specials, socializing and networking!

7pm - until it's over
The Crooked Knife
232 W. 14th St (between 7th & 8th)
$4 Well drinks and Margaritas
$3 Miller Lites

You can also buy raffle tickets for a chance to win some fabulous swag including:

- A Mind The Gap bag full of English goodies
- A Steve Irwin talking doll (yes, we have Australians in the company)
- Headshots and retouching courtesy of photographer Marianne Lu
- A one year Theatermania Gold Club membership
- A one year subscription to Time Out

If you're a theatre artist it's a good time to drop off your headshot or a short piece you've written to be considered for their upcoming BRITBITS series. Just drop $1 in the jar! If you're not a theatre artist, just come party. Thespians are highly entertaining even off stage!

Suggested donation at the door $5 which goes to support Mind The Gap's upcoming production of BRITBITS 7.

Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

a note from our Devised Theater group

Devising meet-up tonight!
Tuesday, March 16
@ Central Bar
109 E 9th St. (between 4th & 3rd Ave)

Please join us this evening for an informal gathering of devisors and the devising curious. If you are interested in the Devised Theater sessions, please also join the google group - it allows you to manage how you receive emails and organize the conversations into topics.

Click this link to join:

Hope to see you then!!
Jess + Emily, your devising organizers

3.7 Can we save Carnegie Artist Studios?

Convener: Janice Orlandi
Participants: Janice Orlandi, Gretchen Egolf

Save Your Inheritance and Preserve Our History
- 180 Artist Studios that belong to YOU, the public
- Rare NYC Artist Wrok Spaces about to be destroyed
- Legendary Artists and Master Teachers wrongly evicted
- Help preserve our historic and cultural legacy

Without your help these historic artist studios and their cultural legacy will be lost forever. For more info and to sign the petition please visit

These Artist Studios have been protected by Legislation since 1960 and are now being shut down by NYC and its leasing agent, The Carnegie Hall Corporation. For more than 100 years, a diverse Artist Community has occupied the 180 artist studios above Carnegie Hall. Educators, masters and legends in all art forms including dance troupes, acting studios, drama and voice coaches, painters, musicians, writers, composers, choreographers, photographers, architects and writers. They have energized the halls, attracting artists from across the nation who went on to become world-acclaimed masters in their field.

Please spread the word.

Monday, 15 March, 2010

3.7 How do you stop obsessing about where you "should be" in your career and just enjoy the ride?

Convenor: Paula D'Alessandris
Participants: Emily Davis, Emily Hartford, Jennifer Wilcox, Sean Williams, Edward Elefterion, Jessica Hooks

Are our ambitions keeping us from enjoying the journey and if so, how can we overcome the resentment of not being where we think we "should" be?

Some people in the group have come to accept where they are and realize how valuable their work is on any level and some in the group are still struggling with the "I'm not where I'm supposed to be and am angry about that" problem.

Is this a problem that will eventually just go away as we grow as artists; as our life priorities change (addition of family and other pursuits); or is it something we have to actively work on releasing? How do we do that?

So many people "drop off" and out of the theatre circuit at certain points in their life. How do they/we not look at that as failure but as a life choice.

It was suggested that the paradigm will not shift - we may always HAVE to have the dreaded "day job", we may NOT get paid a living wage and that we should try to enjoy where we are without resentment.

Perhaps having the day job is a good outlet FOR the resentment. if you were only doing your art that might eventually become "the job" and then you'd grow to resent that. Maybe day jobs are a blessing in disguise. Your art is therefore never your (in the bad sense) "work". so you can do it longer without burning out.

It was suggested that we should focus on our whole body of work. and see that for the success it is - whether we're being paid to do it or not. View it as a pyramid and see everything we've built and appreciate that. Someone who has success right away is like an arrow shooting straight up. there is no real foundation. Nothing solid beneath that pinnacle.

Perhaps there is never an end goal. As we reach one goal "we move the goal posts farther away" so we are never really satisfied anyway.

Would love more discussion and suggestions on how to deal with "where you are right now" issue.

Suggested Resources:
* Feldenkrais method as a tool for "slowing down and removing the effort"
* read: Creating a Life Worth Living

Sunday, 14 March, 2010

What is Devoted & Disgruntled?

A community for theatre artists, arts professionals and audience members to chat, plot and dream.

Prepare to be surprised.