Wednesday, 17 August, 2011

How to talk to a Designer

Convener: Jennifer

Participants: Porsche, Kevin, Jennifer, AL

Discussion & Recommendations:

We discussed how most festivals do not have the time to sit down and have a true 'cueing session'. The designer knows this - and is prepared to adjust as needed - well, most of them but that's a different discussion.

We shared stories of the director needing to understand that they are in a festival and they don't need to try and put a special light on everything. The director needs to TRUST that the designer knows what s/he is doing and be flexible to the fact that they are working with a rep plot. They also need to understand that they are in a festival and they need to make this about the acting and story telling. Doing any showcase shouldn't be about the lighting.

We also discussed that there are times that it is important to have an awesome light cue or put all of your sound cues on Qlab. If you are lucky, and have a PC for ETC off-line, then that's the time to be cool and fancy with the lighting. Same goes for the Mac users with the sound cues. Do this before tech. If you need to tweak, then just do it at home. The designers have time to do this, or they can make time to do this.

Recommendations - Trust your designers.

Trust seemed to be the big word of the discussion - it's Key for things to go smoothly during the tech process in a festival atmosphere.

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