Tuesday, 22 February, 2011

Sessions called: Sunday, 2/20/11

The following sessions were called at our meeting this past Sunday.  You may click the links for each or scroll down for more information.  Feel free to comment and continue the conversation even if you do not see a report posted. (When it's not over, it's not over!)  And if you have a report to supply for one of these sessions, please forward that to us here.

2.20.11 Prosperity Cake recipe

Jen brought these lovely little tea cakes to our meeting this past weekend.  She provides this recipe by popular demand.

This was taken from the New Asian Cuisine website. It’s kind of like Sandra Lee’s version of prosperity cakes, so I’m a little shy to share how incredibly simple they are. But since this website says her aunt makes these this way and she owns a Chinese restaurant, I’m going to say they’re at somewhat authentic…

Here’s to a happy and prosperous year and may the year of the rabbit rock!

Makes six cakes

1 cup water (room temperature)

1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup all-purpose flour

1 cup pancake mix (complete)

Decoration: 3 dried red dates, each sliced in half (optional)

Preparation:Stir together brown sugar and water until sugar has dissolved. Then, gradually mix in flour and pancake mix until a batter forms. Insert six paper cupcake liners into six stiff tin-foil cups that will hold their shape during steaming. Fill cupcake liners to the brim with batter. If using red dates, cut dates in half and soak them in hot water for a few minutes to soften before using. Then, dot the top of each cake with half a red date. Steam for 30 to 45 minutes — the cakes are done when you stick a toothpick in and it comes out clean. If not eating right away, keep them refrigerated and re-steam them for five minutes before serving.

2.20.11 Art Needs Fed - What Do You Need?

Person who called the session: Jennifer

Who attended the session: Jennifer, Amy Lee, Emily, Molly, Judith, Rhonda

Summary of discussion:
This was a very warm and fuzzy session brought up due to my need to make people feel supported and nurtured. A desire to make baked goods overcame me this morning when I was looking at the Bread & Puppet’s Cheap Art Manifesto that is hanging in my living room. When my husband asked why I felt the need to bring snacks to this month’s meeting I burst out with “ART NEEDS FED!” and in reply he said, well that sounds like a session. It sure does.

Jennifer read from Bread & Puppet’s Cheap Art Manifesto:

The WHY CHEAP ART? Manifesto

PEOPLE have been THINKING too long that ART is a PRIVILEGE of the MUSEUMS & the RICH. ART IS NOT BUSINESS! It does not belong to banks & fancy investors ART IS FOOD. You cant EAT it BUT it FEEDS you. ART has to be CHEAP & available to EVERYBODY. It needs to be EVERYWHERE because it is the INSIDE of the WORLD.

ART SOOTHES PAIN! Art wakes up sleepers! ART FIGHTS AGAINST WAR & STUPIDITY! ART SINGS HALLELUJA! ART IS FOR KITCHENS! ART IS LIKE GOOD BREAD! Art is like green trees! Art is like white clouds in blue sky! ART IS CHEAP!


Bread & Puppet Glover, Vermont, 1984

Afterwards she put the question to the group, what does Art need; what do you need?

Art needs nurtured…

Art needs exercise – walking or dancing…

We could also use a pet; specifically a dog would be nice.

We need to humanize ourselves… funding for Art couldn’t hurt.

The Artists Way (by Julian Cameron) was brought up. Go on routine Artists dates. Doesn’t mater what it is… do something satisfying – don’t forget to fill the well.

To Do List:

If you personally haven’t read The Artist’s Way, consider reading it and going through the book.

Go on routine Artists Dates and fill the well.

Be good to yourself.

2.20.11 Getting more people "here" (Jen has ideas)

Person who called the session: Jennifer
Who attended the session: Jennifer, Amy Lee, Emily

Summary of discussion:

Who knows how to use “meet-up”? http://www.meetup.com/cities/us/ny/new_york/

Jennifer will take a look and see about signing us up.

For the Blog – let’s make a list of what sessions were called each month. It might encourage people to turn in their session. Link the list to the specific session.

We need to confirm our dates with more advanced notice. If we can confirm a date for D&D NYC monthly meetings, Playlab NYC (Kevin and Jennifer) will be happy to put out an ad on playbill.com. Amy Lee also would like to contribute.

“This is about community building people! What are you helping to build?”

To Do List:

Set up a Meet Up profile (Jen)

Ad in Playbill (Kevin / Jen / Amy Lee)

Blog update for each month (Amy Lee)

2.20.11 Your favorite organization tips?

2.20.11 Acting Class Value w/ Teacher vs. Agent / CD?

2.20.11 In Light of Technology / New Media ("Spiderman"), What is the Future of Theatre?

2.20.11 Where to get free / cheap theatre tix?

2.20.11 Feeling supported in chaos

Tuesday, 15 February, 2011

D&D NYC: Sunday, 2/20 @ 1pm

Please join us this Sunday afternoon, February 20th @ 1pm for D&D NYC. As we've just celebrated Valentine's Day, this is a perfect time to discuss that which we love: theatre, the creative process, our community, balancing work and home, and honoring ourselves and our intentions.

Sunday, February 20
Actors Movement Studio
302 West 37th St, 6th Flr. (at 8th Avenue)

Please feel free to RSVP or forward the Facebook invitation to anyone you think may be interested!