Tuesday, 22 February, 2011

2.20.11 Getting more people "here" (Jen has ideas)

Person who called the session: Jennifer
Who attended the session: Jennifer, Amy Lee, Emily

Summary of discussion:

Who knows how to use “meet-up”? http://www.meetup.com/cities/us/ny/new_york/

Jennifer will take a look and see about signing us up.

For the Blog – let’s make a list of what sessions were called each month. It might encourage people to turn in their session. Link the list to the specific session.

We need to confirm our dates with more advanced notice. If we can confirm a date for D&D NYC monthly meetings, Playlab NYC (Kevin and Jennifer) will be happy to put out an ad on playbill.com. Amy Lee also would like to contribute.

“This is about community building people! What are you helping to build?”

To Do List:

Set up a Meet Up profile (Jen)

Ad in Playbill (Kevin / Jen / Amy Lee)

Blog update for each month (Amy Lee)

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