Tuesday, 25 January, 2011

1.9.11 How to Make a Stronger, Deeper, Active Commitment to Your Work; Steps to Turn Resolutions into Actions and What to do about Resistance

1. Jamie needs some ideas, support with building a website inexpensively

Brainstorming ideas:
- Reproductions will help design a website for you
- Universities may have students who will do this for low fees
- Bookstores have manuals with instructions. Sit in Barnes and Noble, Borders and read. Also used books.
- FIT offers courses on computers
- Sometimes it's worth spending a bit more to have a broader presence
- Judith built her own but it took a lot of time, big learning curve
- Rhonda will give Jamie the contact info for her designer.

2. Judith wants to know how to stay connected to her truest self. How to do in this industry? This came down to "to cut or not to cut her hair."

Talked about:
- Fears of changing what's been her style and self-image for a long time
- Comfort in what is
- Would she feel comfortable changing to see whether it would make a difference in getting work?
- Everyone thought she'd look great no matter what
- Hair can grow back

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