Wednesday, 4 August, 2010

7.18 Is this the right time for sessions? (Is D&D NYC the right idea at the wrong time?)

Convener: Jennifer Wilcox

List of Participants: Jeannie Coutant; Paula D'Alessandris; Susana Manzana; Kate Gibson

Discussion and recommendations:

Paula and I discussed that the time and day of these meetings might be a little inconvenient to other people and how do we get more folks to come out and interested in showing up to this meet-up. She suggested that a survey to the D&D NYC people might help.

Even though we like the idea of the survey, it was agreed that the people present actually like the time and day of the meet up and perhaps it's really just the word of mouth that's getting in the way. Susana pointed out that she didn't realize that these meetings were going on; she was at the January D&D and just found out that there has been this version since February. She plans on coming more often if she is just aware of them. She only received the email and is not much of a Facebook user.

It also occurred to me that not everyone that is in the NYC area is a part of the D&D NYC group but they are for the D&D UK group and non of us posted an invite on the UK page... so it all boils down to invites.

We concluded that the time and of the meeting are fine - we need better distribution. Kevin sent me with the information that he's willing to pitch in on a Playbill ad and Kate Gibson has volunteered to put together a mailing list if someone gives it to her - she says it's not hard, it just takes some time to do.

On an after thought I wonder if we personally have lists to send to Kate so she could compile them all together, not just the D&D people that have been here in the past.

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