Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

3.7 Can we save Carnegie Artist Studios?

Convener: Janice Orlandi
Participants: Janice Orlandi, Gretchen Egolf

Save Your Inheritance and Preserve Our History
- 180 Artist Studios that belong to YOU, the public
- Rare NYC Artist Wrok Spaces about to be destroyed
- Legendary Artists and Master Teachers wrongly evicted
- Help preserve our historic and cultural legacy

Without your help these historic artist studios and their cultural legacy will be lost forever. For more info and to sign the petition please visit http://www.studiotowerartists.com/.

These Artist Studios have been protected by Legislation since 1960 and are now being shut down by NYC and its leasing agent, The Carnegie Hall Corporation. For more than 100 years, a diverse Artist Community has occupied the 180 artist studios above Carnegie Hall. Educators, masters and legends in all art forms including dance troupes, acting studios, drama and voice coaches, painters, musicians, writers, composers, choreographers, photographers, architects and writers. They have energized the halls, attracting artists from across the nation who went on to become world-acclaimed masters in their field.

Please spread the word.

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